Korean Simulation Golf Culture Association and small business organizations held a press conference on the 5th in front of the Golf Zone headquarters locate at Chungdamdong, Seoul to accuse they tyranny of Golf Zone. Yeon Daesung, president of Korea Simulation Golf Culture Association said, “Kim Youngchan, the CEO of Golf Zone, has promised to freeze the usage fee to coexist with affiliates. However, a year later the content usage fee has doubled. While the screen golf facilities are supersaturated, and the users are decreasing due to economic difficulties, Golf Zone neglected to protect sales area and sold equipment to competing businesses in the same building. As a result, the affiliates right to survival is being crushed. This day, the association requested the withdrawal of 100% usage increase plan, the withdrawal of ‘Zoimaru’ operations, the facilitation of the screen golf market, and the suspension of and unfair activities in accordance with the resolution by the Fair Trade Committee. Park Daechun, joint president of the Small Business Association said “the business environment of screen golf facilities is worsening and provides no profit once rent and operation expenses are paid off. However, Golf Zone profit has shown over 50% increase compare to that of last year. Golf Zone should practice the basic idea of coexistence.” The association stressed that the Golf Zone affiliates will continue fighting and take more active methods until Golf Zone implements policies for coexistence