‘Master Golf Swing Practice Equipment’, made by a company first developed an unbreakable golf ball, has an advantage of allowing swinging practice at home, office, and rooftops without going to a golf course or driving ranges. Also, as it’s a full package that does not require ball supply equipment or golf nets, it cuts cost and time, and enhances swinging. Previously, exercise equipment had light ball and mats which lacks the sense of swinging. However, this product uses balls that weighs the same as an actual ball used on the field, allowing the users to feel the usual sense of hitting. Also, the ball doesn’t break even when practicing for a long time. When the ball surface wears out, the ball is replaceable making it semi-permanent. A newly developed ball is made of urethane like general balls to enable users to feel elasticity and flexibility 100%. A set of ball and shaft is made of special material and has elasticity to have buffer effect even with strong impact. Since the artificial turf of the swing mat is made of special material, it has less wear property.