The difference between golf swing and baseball swing

The most important difference between the two sports is there swinging trajectory. While baseball basically swings parallel to the ground surface, golf swing trajectory shows both parallel and vertical motion. This is the reason why golf swings seems more difficult. Baseball swing is basically a normal activity in real life. However, golf swing is not a comfortable motion as the waist moves parallel to the surface and the arms move vertically. A former New York Yankee in the 1990s, Paul O’Neal(47, retired), had single handicap with a driver shot of over 300 yards. He pointed out the location of the elbow joint is different between golf swing and baseball swing. He also pointed out ‘in baseball is effective when the left elbow joint is parallel to the surface, while in golf, the left elbow should be vertical to the ground.’ The weight transfer is also different. In golf, weight transfer is conducted with two feet fixed to the ground, while in baseball, striding the leg towards the pitcher is crucial. Therefore, many baseball players complain how hard it is for them to fix the left foot on the ground.